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23 October 2023

The new PET Series website, and this is just one of the new features at #PET2024

It's going to be a season full of novelties ...

We are adding a lot of novelties to the already established dates and venues in 2024. In fact, you can count on novelties at each of the competitions. We like them very much and think they will bring you even closer to nature and ... to your limits. 


But one step at a time... We start at Podium with... An extra interesting long distance duathlon. We will extend the distance by one and do 13 kilometres at Barania Góra and the start in Wisła Czarna. We will leave the bikes at the Podium Hotel and we will make a hyper interesting and super difficult loop up to Rachowiec in Zwardoń. It will seemingly be "only" 65km, but with 1,581 metres of elevation gain: 



The perfect "leg" test for the start of the season. A double portion of pasta at the Podium Hotel restaurant, waiting !!!


Diablak gets a new cross-country route for the half !!!

Another big change, a change which, perhaps apart from the extra 400 metres of vertical, has only advantages is the change of the cross-country route on the Diablak 1/2. Now, you will finish 90 km in Ostry and from there you will make a loop towards Barania Góra, come back under Ostry and do the legendary last part under Skrzyczne. 99.9 % of the mountain trails are what the Diablaks like best. 


Another "hot news" is the introduction of a two-year cycle in our journey across Poland 

We are dividing the Poland Ultra Triathlon into two-year cycles and in the even-numbered year we cover the distance from Masuria to Karkonosze. Thus, in August we go to Masuria and swim across the biggest Polish lake - Śniardwy. Then diagonally to Głuszyca in 2 days to "hook" the highest peak of Karkonosze - Śnieżka - on the last 100 km stage of the run. A beautiful route and probably beautiful people will come again to face the PUT. 


Wataha and 1/2 Wataha with a new cross-country route....

September is traditionally a visit to the Bieszczady Mountains. In these amazing natural circumstances, there was always a lack of a full tuck in the thickets and less tarmac, and on certain sections there was a lack of .... navigation. That's why we are now changing the routes and letting them go along more frequented trails, very scenic, and of course, from the heart of us, we are adding extra metres of elevation gain. But this will certainly please you. Thus, the half has the full distance of the 21 km run with the finish line in Smerk, and the full Wataha, due to the fact that it finishes after dark anyway, will have the finish line in Wetlina. In addition, there will be our checkpoint in Wetlin before possibly being allowed further kilometres into the higher mountains. 

And at the end of the season another hit ....

Kocierz Extreme Triathlon with a new distance of 1.9 / 102 km / 21 km !!! This is the news many of you have been waiting for. On the wonderful trails of the Beskid Mountains we will make over 2100 metres of elevation gain, which will be a total record from all our routes, to finish with 1000 metres of elevation gain on the trails around the Podium Hotel. It will be an extraordinary rarity for all those who love long and hard trails. We can't wait, can you ?